New York Co-Op Reform is a grassroots organization dedicated to informing New York City co-op owners of their rights as shareholders of a cooperatively owned property while connecting them with helpful or relevant city and state agencies and non-profit organizations. We also help train individuals and group leaders to recognize, speak up, and advocate for positive action when they are intentionally misinformed, denied their legal rights as shareholders, harassed or victimized by management and co-op boards or ignored by non-responsive agencies.

  • ADVOCACY: Our volunteer team advocates for and informs shareholders in the five boroughs frustrated by outdated laws that neither pertain to them nor serve them or their needs as co-op shareholders.
  • DIRECTION: We direct elderly residents and co-op owners of all ages being preyed upon by unscrupulous or greedy real estate developers or shady co-op boards. We also direct people to agencies that should serve them.
  • SUPPORT: We offer encouragement and access to those who despair that all too often, shareholders’ valid needs or fears are ignored by the agencies that are funded and ostensibly exist to serve them. We speak up for those passed from agency to agency without resolution.

Our approach reflects the people we represent and inform. We are different, yet the same. We own co-ops in New York and require updated laws and policies that best serve us all.


It’s time policymakers started paying attention to co-op shareholders in addition to renters and homeowners.

Co-op owners are a diverse group of individuals spannign all ages, stages, demographics and races who intentionally choose to own a home in New York. Owning a co-op is also often a more creative approach to accessing more affordable housing.

While co-op owners are also often older New Yorkers who downsized or are choosing to age in place, there are also millenials and those on a starter home. All New York cooperative shareholders desperatealy need updated and widely implemented and understood policies and laws to protect them and their homes.

New York co-op ownership  would be even more attractive to first-time homeowners eager to stay in the city. We need to do better.

When we first started speaking up for co-op owners we were often described as representing the rich or entitled, but that is not the case.

Co-ops in New York are often owned by a diverse range of individuals who continue to choose to make the city their home. These wise investors also created an investment that is also their home. Instead of paying endless rent, they choose to pay to maintain a home they own, be it a studio, one-bedroom, or larger.

Whether someone is born here or moved to NY at some point, New York’s energy and diversity binds us together. Or at least it should. All too often, those living alone, first-time homeowners, the elderly or more vulnerable city residents are talked down to, misinformed, preyed upon or bullied in their homes or buildings, especially in a city prized for its real estate value.

While the laws seem clear for home owners or renters, things can often be murkier for co-op owners whose rights seem to be ignored or grouped together in a way that doesn’t serve them, their rights, or their needs.

There are far too many untold stories of New Yorkers victimized by shady co-op boards eager to serve their own needs to the detriment of all co-op shareholders. Current real estate laws don’t serve all New York homeowners equally, it’s time that they do.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that any information we provide is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not constitute legal or professional advice. You should consult with your attorneys or elected officials before taking any action. New York Co-Op reform is not responsible for any actions taken after reading our posts or speaking with any of our volunteers.